Seamlessly trade perps
on any token

Omni brings vertically integrated liquidity to permissionless perps. Go long or short with leverage on thousands of pairs, including memecoins, pre-launch tokens, and points markets.

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Trade Anything

Omni lists perps on thousands of tokens, with more permissionlessly added every day. Trade memecoins, pre-launch tokens, and points markets before they’re listed on major exchanges.

Deep Liquidity

Trade in size with deep liquidity on all markets. The Omni Liquidity Provider (OLP) aggregates liquidity from centralized exchanges, DeFi DEXs, and OTC market makers.


Collateral is securely locked in an escrow smart contract on-chain where
it is observable and segregated.
No third party has access to your assets.

Built on the Variational Protocol

Variational is a protocol that enables peer to peer leveraged trading for perps and other derivatives on any underlying token.

Interested in trading options or other non-linear instruments?

Looking to integrate Variational into your own trading bot or application?

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Omni dashboard screenshot